7 Myths Men Believe About Women

There are many myths that men believe about women, and I’ve noticed a few common ones so I thought I’d share them with you…It’s by no means definitive or exhaustive, and all women are different; but you may notice yourself or friends in some or all of them!

Myth: Women are never satisfied
Truth: Women are always interested in making things better.
What women want men to know: When a woman suggests a way to change or improve things – she’s not complaining or criticizing – she’s expressing her commitment to making a relationship, situation or thing the best it can be.
Women see the potential for better in everything and desire to bring it out.

Myth: Women are high maintenance
Truth: Intimate relationships ARE high maintenance
What women want men to know: Women have high standards for our intimate relationships not because we are being difficult, but because we are passionately committed to love, and want the relationship to work.

Myth: Women want to control men
Truth: Women want to contribute, improve and be included
What women want men to know: Guys, please know that most women have love at the top of their agenda, not control. If they see you hurting, they want to make it better. If they see you struggling with a problem, they want to help you find a solution. If they see you not taking care of yourself, they want to offer their compassion and caring. If they see you feeling overwhelmed with worry, they want to be included so you know you’re not alone.
Why do they do all of this?
Not because they want to control you, but because they love you.

Myth: Women are jealous and possessive
Truth: Women are protective of their intimate relationships
What women want men to know: Women are instinctively protective about what is valuable to them. And guys, they value you.
You are their treasure, and their relationship with you is precious. They never want anything to harm it, never want anything to threaten it.
So, they are always on the lookout for danger – not because they don’t trust you, but because they love you and don’t want to lose you.

Myth: Women are too emotional
Truth: Women are in touch with their feelings
What women want men to know: Often when men are faced with someone they love who is hurting, they feel powerless to do anything to take the hurt away and thus feel they’ve failed.
To cover up this feeling of failure, men may blame the women they love for having the emotions that are causing them to feel so powerless.
Most women are not too emotional – they are emotional.
The truth is, what you love about women is their sensitivity and ability to feel, because that is what allows them to adore you and make you feel so good.

Myth: Women who appear to be strong and confident don’t need to be taken care ofTruth: Just because women are strong and capable doesn’t mean they don’t want and need to be nurtured and taken care of.
What women want men to know: Guys, sometimes women want you to help them do something even if they can do it themselves.
Sometimes they just like feeling your strength, your support, your protection.
Sometimes they like hearing you ask “What can I do for you?” because it gives them the opportunity to feel safe and valued.
And sometimes they wish you would notice that they need help even before they do, and not wait for them to have to ask.

Don’t let strong, competent women fool you, men. They are still women, and no matter how independent or capable they seem, they do have a primal need to feel you taking care of them sometimes in both big and small ways.
There is a part of them that melts and softens when they feel you there to support them, to believe in them, and to be their shoulder to lean on, no matter how strong their own shoulders may be.
And here is a secret for you to remember: Guess which women need to really feel taken care of? The ones who are so good at taking care of others…

Myth: Women want to rob men of their freedom
Truth: Women want to create a committed, intimate relationship
What women want men to know: True freedom in a relationship is not about what you get to do or not do now that you’re with someone – it’s being free to love without fear, to receive without resistance, and to give without holding back.
Women aren’t trying to rob men of anything. On the contrary, they’re trying to give you something – their love, their devotion, their loyalty.
All of their efforts to communicate with you, spend time with you, be intimate with you, and work things out with you are not attempts to take away your freedom, but to create the best relationship possible.

Women have in-built radar
Women have more action going on in the front section of the brain as well as the left hemisphere. The front section is the centre of social awareness and personality.
Combined with the detail oriented left hemisphere it makes a good internal radar. What I mean is that females can detect moods, attitudes and intentions to a greater degree than males. Females are marvellous readers of body language and facial expression.

What does this mean?
You can’t lie to us.

This may be confusing because males quite often think they have gotten away with a lie or avoidance of something. What actually happens is the female will notice the anomaly between word and action but will tell herself that it would be better to keep the peace and not confront. Or if she is insecure, she will tell herself that she must have seen it wrong and ignore the warning bells.

Why is this important?
Everything that women would love men to do can be ruined if they know that they are not doing it out of love, affection, appreciation, care or admiration.
Attitude is everything
A woman will love a door being opened for her if she sees that the man is doing it from an attitude of care and appreciation.
If she sees that he is doing it because he thinks she is unable to do it herself, that this will get him brownie points, or that he just feels obligated to, then his gesture will go down like a lead balloon.

That is why women are so confusing. It’s not the action that concerns us. It’s the attitude that we see.

P.S. These notes are effective for all kinds of relationships with women if you remember to consider your and her boundaries, what is socially acceptable and how much you are prepared to give of yourself.
Please don’t feel obligated to share intimately with women who you only intend to keep as mere acquaintances.
Women are so powerfully affected by men that are willing to listen and share with them that they can mistake it for romantic affection.
Be very quick to advise them that your intentions are only for friendship if that is all you are prepared to give.


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