WALES Somaliland community praised British Members of Parliament

WALES Somaliland community praised British

Members of Parliament and Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Cardiff, Wales, Thursday,13th November, 2008, Mr. Abdikarim Abdi Adan, Director of Wales Somaliland Communities link, has today praised British Members of Parliament and the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Rt. Hon. Gillian Merron, MP for their heartfelt condolences and sympathy to all those affected by the bombing 0n 29th October 2008.

Mr. Adan said: “On behalf the whole community, we condemn these appalling bombings and take this opportunity to thank all those have sent us communications expressing sorrow and sympathy.”

Speaking to Abdikarim Adan, Alun Michael, Member of Parliament for Cardiff South & Penarth said:

“The recent bombings in Hargeisa remind us that peace in Somaliland is very fragile, and that they face the same terrorist threat that we do in the UK. Our sympathy must go to the people of Somaliland, and so must our support. Their steadfast and ongoing commitment to building vibrant and robust democratic institutions should not be overshadowed by the thoughtless barbarity of these attacks.”

Alun went on to say “On the other hand, I am delighted by the level of engagement shown by Foreign Office Ministers, not only with the very successful visit of the Foreign Secretary to Cardiff last month, but also this constructive response in the House of Commons. I am looking forward to pursuing these links and opportunities alongside the Somali Community in Cardiff, and with colleagues in the Welsh Assembly including Lorraine Barrett and Rhodri Morgan.”

Mr. Adan, commented further saying that “We are grateful to the Department for International Development which, under the Global schools partnership programme,s funding and administered Via the British Council (Wales,) has provided support for our twinning links between Schools in Wales and Somaliland.”

Finally, Mr. Adan, said “We look forward to building on the excellent relationships already established and furthering co-operation with Foreign & Common Wealth Office. We will work to bridge the gap in cultural and linguistic differences with the objective of developing an effective and long lasting mutual partnership. Our community, including young people in particular, are ready to play a crucial role as British Citizens and Ambassadors for the UK.”


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