Somaliland denies harassing Somalis after blasts

The Somaliland republic has denied reports saying that they harass the refugees from Southern Somalia accusing them of involving the deadly blasts rocked in the capital Hargeysa according to official.

The spokesman of the Somaliland president Said Adani told Shabelle that remarks regarding that their troops do violence against the Somalis from South of Somalia saying its overstatement

The people from southern Somalia in our jails are less compared with others from Somaliland, investigations underway to realize whether they are guilty or not Mr. Adani said.

He added that Somalis from Southern Somalia live in Somaliland villages without restraint.

Asked about prisoners including women and children in their jails he denied those remarks saying that only one woman and her child in their jails and would be freed soon.

At least 30 people have died in a wave of coordinated car-bombings across Hargeysa city, Somalilands capital.

These are the first suicide attacks in the two relatively stable regions of Puntland and Somaliland.

Somaliland is a US collaborator in the fight against Islamist militants in Somalia.

Somaliland has declared independence from war-torn southern Somalia but this has not been internationally recognised.

Kadar Eid Karie

Source: Xarshinonline news Deck


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