Somaliland postpones voter-registration for second time

Somaliland Authorities have postponed voter-registration process for the upcoming 2009 elections, officials said Sunday.


Mohamed Ismail Mohamed, Somaliland election commission chairman, told reporters in the Republic’s capital Hargeisa that the voter-registration process has been postponed due to technical difficulties.


“The Indian firm contracted to conduct the voter-registration process has withdrawn its employees due to security concerns,” Mr. Mohamed said, adding that the employees left Somaliland following the October 29 suicide bombings that killed more than 20 people.


He suggested that a new set of employees will arrive in Somaliland after being trained by the Indian contractor in Kenya.


Somaliland is slated to hold presidential elections in March 2009 with three political parties competing for the region’s top job.


Although Somaliland has a functioning government and security forces, the separatist region has not been recognized internationally.


Kadar Eid Karie

XOL News Deck


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