Could you be more open and available to women?

I’m very caring and friendly, really devoted when it comes to being in a relationship but I don’t have an answer to: Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

And it’s especially confusing being that I’m looking for one. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not approachable enough so how can I be more open and available? What signals can I send to someone I might be attracted to?


Not sure if a woman is attracted to you in the same way

Guys who don’t realize how important it is to express them – and thus be comfortable with themselves – tend not to know what to do when they want to approach a girl.

In particular they aren’t comfortable expressing the feeling of “ I’m attracted to you personally, and I know you’re really pretty. I’m not sure if you’re attracted to me in the same way ” . This is the complete reason why a guy wouldn’t approach a pretty girl.

Resolve uncertainty of whether he’s attracted to you

The part you can affect involves the woman’s feeling of “ I’m not sure if you’re attracted to me in the same way, as I am to you ” .

If you’re not too picky and you won’t mind a woman who may not feel like she’s worth your time, you can help her out a little. If you cut out the uncertainty of whether you’re attracted to her, she doesn’t have to convince you she’s worth your time because you’ve already told her she is.

Then in the relationship you can try to convince her she’s worth your time.

Breaking down the barrier of physical contact

So how can you tell her you’re interested?

Bottom line: One thing that works for most men I’ve known is when a girl holds her hand in yours. Breaking down the barrier of physical contact is awesome and it’s almost a sure sign of interest, especially when you’ve recently met.

If you’re having trouble getting to the point where it would even be possible to grab her hand, refer to e-books in series “ Relationships: Puzzles and Answers ” :

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