Bin Laden to Premiere in Bollywood

A few weeks ago we spoke about an Indian film director who is producing a drama depicting Adolf Hitler’s last days prior to his suicide. It appears that Bollywood is once again intent on covering a villainous figure, but with a much more comedic tone this time around.

Coming soon to a theater near you is ‘Tere Bin Laden’ (Without You, Bin Laden), a satirical comedy that tells the story of a young, enthusiastic Pakistani television journalist bent on earning a green card to the United States, despite having been previously rejected multiple times.
After accidentally stumbling on a Bin Laden look-alike, journalist Ali Hassan devises a plan to film a fake Bin Laden tape, sell it to major news networks and then use the momentary fame to gain entry into the US. All hell breaks loose, however, when the White House sends an overzealous secret agent to track down the purported hero.
The film will be released on July 16 in all major countries except the United States. “After the film’s first release Friday, we will see what the feedback has been and accordingly strategize for a release in the U.S.,” said director Abhishek Sharma.
He added, “The American market is one of the most liberal markets in the world and so I don’t think there will be any backlash for our film. But, it is very important that the film is released in a positive tone and projected and marketed well.”
Indeed, making a comedy about the post 9/11 scenario is quite risky, but Sharma promised that he is “not taking sides” in that the journalist is neither a fundamentalist nor an Islamophobist. He’s just a lazy douche trying to earn legal entry into the United States via an illegal and morally reprehensible way. I suppose it’s a slight step up from illegal immigration though, aye?
Regardless, ‘Tere Bin Laden’ will star Indian pop sensation Pakistan pop-sensation Ali Zafar as the journalist, though there is no word (even on the official website) as to who will play Bin Laden.
“When I read the script, I found it was a comedy,” said Zafar. “It is a satire and does not hurt anyone’s ideology.” His first impressions bode well for the film, especially considering that the lead star of ‘Dear Friend Hitler’ walked off set and quit just one month prior.
Anyhow. Assuming you aren’t screaming curses and ripping your hair our in anger from being offended, then feel free to take a peek at the trailer for ‘Tere Bin Laden,’ pictured below.

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