Somali PM pledges to improve national security

MOGADISHU (Nasiib Online)- The newly elected Somali prime minster says his first priority will be to address the security situation in the country as Islamist insurgents trying to topple the weak Somali government.
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed who was replaced former prime Minster Omar Abdirashid has emphasized that he will boost the security and fight the rebels to give larger space to the few kilometers controlled government led by former Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
Speaking to the reporter in his hilltop palace, Mr. Mohamed said he will form new cabinet that will be smaller then the previous government‘s thirty nine minsters.

“ I shall closely work with members of parliament and other TFG officials in order to jointly address the prolonged conflict in the Somali capital” He said.

He says the problems being faced by the Somali people can only be resolved if the public forge unity.

Mr. Mohamed who is trying to exert more applied force for the war racked country expressed optimism that the new administration will be able to address the security situation in the country.

Its not common Somalis to anticipate that Somalia’s corrupt officials will bring changes to the deteriorating situation in Somalia and the overwhelming need for peace to the country.

The horn of Africa nation has been without central government since1991 after clan militias and warlords overthrown the dictator regime of Siad Barre that lastly leashed out to constant violence for
more than 20 years.

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